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How does the Predator work?

The Predator is a variable venturi design that works off of the air demand of the motor and meters fuel accordingly. Thus, provided that you have the proper fuel metering cam for your application, you will neither be undercarbureted or overcarbureted with the Predator at any given rpm range.

What kind of carburetor is the Predator suitable to replace?

The Predator replaces four barrel carburetor applications from 600 cfm to 930 cfm.

What is the Predator fuel metering cam?

The Predator fuel metering cam is a flat piece of brass located inside the fuel bowl that is cut to a certain slope. The slope of this cam is what determines the air/fuel ratio from roughly 3000rpm and up.

How easily can the throttle linkage be installed?

The 6000 is equipped with a simple throttle arm which has two 1/4" diameter holes in it for easy adjustment and quick installation.

What are the adjustments on the Predator?

The three simple adjustments are idle mixture, idle speed, and upper rpm metering cam change.

Is there an air cleaner adapter available?

A standard 5" o.d. air cleaner adapter is included with every purchase of the Predator 6000.

Are there any vacuum hose connections on the Predator?

No, there are no vacuum hose connections on the Predator.

How tall is it?

The Predator is 5 1/4" in height from the bottom of the base to the rim of the air cleaner adapter.

How does it work with nitrous oxide, blowers, and turbos?

The Predator is an excellent application when used in conjunction with nitrous oxide, on a blower, or with a turbo charger (draw though type).

How much fuel psi is required for "all-out" maximum performance?

On a naturally aspirated motor, 6 psi at wide open throttle is required for maximum performance.
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